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The Kassia Trio is a modern re-invention of the piano trio made up of two saxophones (Chloe Percy-Smith and Emma Jones) and piano (Amy Bladon). Through exploring a range of repertoire, the trio’s aim is to keep classical music accessible, as well as helping to promote the saxophone as a classical instrument.

Their repertoire ranges from modern pieces written for their specific instrumentation, to classical transcriptions, as well as lighter well-known musical classics. Their saxophone line-up is interchangeable, covering soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. Recent performances have included recitals in Cheltenham, Bristol, Birmingham and London. The trio have also enjoyed being part of various outreach and community projects, most recently performing in a concert series devised for adults with babies and very young children.

“Kassia”... where the name comes from:

Kassia was an Eastern Roman abbess, poet and composer. She is one of the first medieval composers whose music is still in existence and able to be interpreted by modern scholars and musicians. She is also notable for being one of the first women to have written in her own name, rather than using an alias.

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